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All Dalmar Tank Electroplating Chemicals are made to work at room temperature, this eliminates all of the heaters, thermometers and the hassle that comes with trying to maintain a certain temperature. Nothing is worse then standing around waiting for your chemicals to heat up, or doing some other work in the mean time only to find that the chemical has boiled over or has burned from too much heat. None of our competitors can make this claim.

These items were done by one of our customers named Bill Hodges, These items are finished in the Dalmar Nickel Solution and have not been Chrome plated all though they look like Chrome. Here is what Bill had to say about our products:

"Here is some pictures of a switch plate cover and 2 doors knobs I did with your "room" temperature alkaline copper and acid nickel, I love the fact that the the baths don't need heating, sure saves money on not having to buy heaters and worry about the headache of it being the right temperature. "

Bill Hodges

Due to the volatility of the metal market, prices are subject to change without notice.

All of our chemicals are pre-mixed and ready to use.

Copper Electroforming Solution

We mix this product specially for electroforming. It can also be used for plating.  It contains chemical brighteners for a bright finish. Acid base Use with a copper anode.     Order No. C-1..                        $ 27.00 qt 
$99.00 gal
$445.00 5 gal

Copper Alkaline Tank Solution

This is the solution to use when plating over iron, steel, pot metals and such that  would be attacked by an acid based solution. Used instead of a cyanide solution. Use a copper anode.                 OrderNo.C1A                                                   

$31.45 qt
$121.00 gal
$550.00 5 gal

Nickel Plating Solution

This can be used as a non-tarnishing final coat or as a base coat under gold, silver or rhodium. Contains brighteners. Use with a nickel anode. Order No. C-2.....     $49.35 qt
$174.30 gal
$812.00 -5 gal

Electro less Nickel Plating Solution

This can be used over iron and steel without copper plating the piece first. Works great for guns etc.  Works without a rectifier or anode. Must be heated.  Order C-2E....

$27.30 qt.

$101.00 gal

24kt Gold Plating Solution

The most popular finish on jewelry today. It is pure hard gold and not just a gold color. Use with a stainless steel anode. Contains cobalt for a harder finish. Acid base.        
 Order No.C-3.                                              

$159.00 qt $598.00. gal
$2910. -5 gal

Silver Plating Solution

This is a non-cyanide silver solution. Use with a stainless steel anode.      Order No. C-4

$129.00 qt $464.00 gal

Rhodium Plating Solution

Use for a long lasting non-tarnishing silver-white finish.  Order No. C-10

 Call for Price

Electrolytic Cleaner

Use to electro-clean a work piece before plating. Use with a stainless steel anode.  This is strictly a cleaner, it does not remove any metal when using in the normal mode. Can be used in reverse to activate aluminum.            No. C-5..........

$13.15 qt
$203.00 -5 gal

Zincate Solution
Used to put a layer of zinc over aluminum so that it can be                     $ 16.80 qt
plated. A layer of Nickel # C-2 must be applied over the                        $ 64.05 gal
Zincate.                                                                No. C-12                  $ 260.40 -5 gal


The following kits are for tank plating on aluminum. They are designed to
be used with Dalmar Nickel tank plating solution # C-2 For further instructions Click Here

Kit # TAP-1 includes: 1 qt. of Zincate, 1 qt of Electro
-cleaner and 1 qt. of degreaser with full instructions.        
$ 50.35

Kit # TAP-4 includes: 1 gal. of Zincate, 1 gal. Electro
-cleaner, 1 qt. degreaser and full instructions.                    $ 126.00

Kit # TAP-20 includes 5 gal. Zincate, 5 gal. Electro
-cleaner, 1 qt. degreaser and full instructions.  A
10 amp rectifier or larger is recommended with this kit.   
$ 461.00

                                 PLATING SUPPLIES

Copper Anodes- For copper tank plating and electroforming . (No. A-1)...........                                                      1"X3"

$ 5.55

   ...                                                                   1 1/2" X 3"
 ...                                                                              3"x 2"  
                                                                                3" X 6"
                                                                                 6" X 9"


Nickel Anode - For nickel tank plating (No.A-2)....1"X3"

$ 11.29

Large Nickel Anode ........        3"x 2"   ( No. A-2L)


Stainless Steel Anode - For cleaning, gold & silver plating  (No.A-3) ........                                     1"X3"
                                                             4" X 6"

$ 8.15
$ 14.45

"Everything You Need To Know About Plating"
A handbook showing you how to plate just about anything, with tips on how to make money (No.B-2)


"Brush & Tank Plating The Dalmar Way"
A DVD showing you how to plate with the Dalmar system.                                                   (No. V-1) ...................


"Chrome Plating The Dalmar Way"
A DVD showing you how to Chrome brush plate. It also covers Black Chrome plating and the plating over aluminum.                                               (No. V-2)  .................


Book and Brush Plating DVD Contains B-2 & V1

Book and Chrome Plating DVD Contains B-2 & V2

Combination Book and two DVD's All three above items discounted to special price. Full credit will be given for the book & 2 DVD's when purchasing a kit.



Copper Brightener
A brightener for copper solution. This is added to the copper solution after the brightener wears out.  (No.B-6) ...

$3.69-1 oz
$104.00 qt
$308.75 gal

Nickel Brightener
A brightener for nickel solution. This is added to the nickel solution after the brightener wears out. (No. B-7).....

$3.15 1 oz
$78.00 qt
295.00 gal

Tarnish Preventive                                           
Used to shield an item from tarnish. Works with silver, brass, copper, and plated gold.                          (No.C-9)...........

$20.95 qt

Extra Set Of Lead Wires.
Leads for Dalmar Profession Model                  (No. W-6)
Leads for 10 amp & 20 amp Heavy Duty Rectifiers
Leads for 50 & 60 amp Heavy Duty Rectifier


Jumper Wire
Used to connect multiple anodes in a tank. (No. J-2)..




Large Coil Of Copper Wire
 75 ft. roll     To connect work pieces.          (No. W-9L)...


Small Coil Of Copper Wire 
To connect work pieces.


Easyplate Conductive Coating Sometimes called Conductive Paint.
Used to make non-metallic items conductive in electroforming. Comes with instructions. You must use Copper Electroforming solution with  this product.  2 oz. jar  (No.CP-2)  


Conductive Spray Kitcssk3.jpg (31935 bytes)
Used to make items conductive in electroforming the same as the paint  but it is easier to use when coating a whole item such as a leaf or flower.  (No. CSK-1) Contains Power sprayer, glass jar & 2oz supply of conductive coating.             


Conductive Powder
Used to make your own conductive coating, instructions included      1/4lb. $25.25
                                                                                                                 1/2lb. $46.25
                                                                                                                    1lb. $84.00

                                                       FINE TUNER

The Fine Tuner is a control box that can take a regular plating machine and enable it to electroform.
When electroforming in copper, it is necessary to control the amperage to 1/10 of an amp per square inch.
Dalmar rectifiers are controllable in this range, but rectifiers made by other companies are not. By running
the current from other company's rectifiers through our Fine Tuners, they can be made to electroform.
The Fine Tuner plugs into the negative lead on your rectifier and there is no need to open the case to connect it.


              Order No. FT-1...................................................................$57.75     


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