electroplating at home

Electroplating with Common Household Ingredients

Alchemy is a fascinating subject. The topic was even used as a central figure in the best-selling novel by a famous Brazilian author. It was a notable profession in the ancient world. Alchemists were known to be wise and powerful individuals. They were like the sorcerers in the old, medieval ages. In today’s modern society, the art of alchemy remains a mysterious thing of the past. Although some people may …

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Electroplating 101

Electroplating 101: Stuff You Need To Know About

If you’re a fan of science and technology, you’ve probably heard of electroplating. But for those who haven’t, this short article will walk you through it. Basically, electroplating is a process that uses a mix of the three major groups of science – natural, formal, and applied sciences. Specifically, it involves the sub branches chemistry, physics, chemical and electrical engineering, and metallurgy. So, what’s the fuss over electroplating? It’s commonly …

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best forms of renewable energy

Pros and Cons of the Best Forms of Renewable Energy

Today’s technology relies heavily on energy. Human labor has been almost completely replaced with machinery, and the demand for energy resources scales up as time goes by. People have utilized non-renewable resources to power up engines and perform tasks, but researchers say that it will only take a few years until these resources are depleted. Thus, scientists have invented devices that can harness energy from renewable resources, to avoid further …

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