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Manufacturer Of Brush & Tank Electroplating Equipment, Supplies and Plating Kits for the Automotive, Motorcycle, Aircraft, Jewelry and many other Industries for plating on metallic and nonmetallic items.

Dalmar only manufactures equipment and supplies, we do not do any plating.

Our Mission
To manufacture the highest quality plating equipment at a price that every small business and hobbyist can afford. Also to make our system the easiest to use  for the beginner or inexperienced and to ship all orders on the day they are received. This is our goal.
Dalmar has produced electroplating and electroforming equipment since 1971. We have pioneered the use of room temperature chemicals and the elimination of cyanide. This has lead to a much safer workplace without the need for electric hot plates and special Pyrex beakers or plating tanks. All of the electroplating chemicals that we make today are used at room temperature. What that means to you is speed, safety and convenience. Plastic tanks such as freezer containers or storage containers make perfect plating tanks. Our company as always, designs it's products with the small business and hobbyist in mind. When manufacturing our equipment, we try to keep everything as simple and low cost as possible. We have simplified the process down to a point that anyone can do it professionally.
The list of plating chemicals that we make include copper, nickel, gold, silver, decorative chrome, hard chrome, cadmium, Zincate, bronze, rhodium, black nickel, zinc, electro-cleaners, activators, Gold stripper, chrome stripper, conductive spray kits and conductive coatings. We make tank and brush plating kits for every type of industry including Chrome plating kits, gold plating kits, copper, nickel, cadmium, and silver plating kits. We will design a kit for what ever your needs are.
Our list of satisfied customers include: NASA, The United States Navy and Air force, Dow Chemical, Union Carbide, Ford Motor Company of England, Pan American Airways, Zippo Lighter Company, Universities World Wide, Various telephone and electric companies, Jewelers, Car dealers, Body shops, Auto restorers and thousands of others.

Do you need money in these hard times? Now is the time to start a business in plating with one of our kits or just do some side work to increase your income. Plating of all types is in great demand at this time weather it be plating jewelry, silverware or car parts. For more information click on the button at the top of this page "Making Money in Plating"

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Our 43rd Year Manufacturing Plating Equipment
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Our support team is available between 9:00 am & 3:00 pm EST Monday through Friday.

Telephone: When you call Dalmar Mfg Co. You are in for a surprise, no computer to talk to, no menus to go through, you will get a real human being answering the phone, if you call between 9:00am & 3:00pm EST..


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2060 Beacon Manor Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907

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We carry chemicals & supplies for machines made by the following companies: Gold Effects, Gold Touch, Gold Plating Specialists, Caswell, Samson, Gold Coast Plating and most any other machines even if that company is no longer in business.. 



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